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Children are inspiration behind making this brand and chocolate. We always want to feed best foods to chocolate, for children chocolate is kind of favorite food to eat. We wants to make their favorite food more hygienic and yummy. We always use the best ingredients to make our chocolate. Every chocolate has life up to 3 months.


We started making chocolate in 2007 & we have been selling chocolate to local customers since then.  Our chocolates have a 3-month shelf life.  We just started to use the internet as a way to make our chocolate more available to patrons.  Please feel free to share this site with friends who share your good taste in great chocolate.

The Name

The Name Chocolate Mantra comes from thinking that chocolate really works like a mantra (magic). Chocolate is a sweet treat to make anyone feel better.  It can usually put a smile on a person’s face when given to them as a gift.

Gifting Ideas

When someone is sick, The special person in your life deserves some extra sweetness from you. Birthday or graduation, Business meetings or parties & Holidays.

To your fellow co-worker who is a little tired & needs a boost of energy. Appetizers for buffet for a wedding, convention, other settings or meetings. Just as a gift to lift a friend spirits or even for you, because you deserve to treat yourself.

Chocolate is universal and can be given as you see fit.  There are so many different taste & textures of chocolate that you will find what you need to make that special someone happy. Enjoy your gifting.

Chocolate Mantra Website

We wanted to scale our passion using the powerful medium Internet. We hope you would like this website as well our yummy chocolate. If you find any errors in this website please inform us and get chocolates at free of cost. We will send a coupon to you which will offer 100% flat discount upon finding errors on this website.

We Support

We support CRY.org, the non-profitable organization in India that helps children get a good education and shelter. Please visit their website and show your support or lend a helping hand.

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