Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection from PayUPaisa!

 Your purchases are safeguarded with PayUPaisa, how it is possible?


Why Buyer Protection

As you know that online frauds became every day news in India. Many unknown companies are selling products at unbelievable price, innocent consumers are been targeted and being cheated by online companies. To avoid we need some mediator kind of protection for every purchase we make on any website. So that not only the ecommerce company assures your purchased products but also the middle company. Here in our case the middle company is payment gateway


How my purchase is protected

As you might experienced shopping on; where if something goes wrong you may complain to ebay so that your money is safeguarded by ebay. In the same way here also, if the purchased product not reached you or damaged, you may complain to; they will hold your money and solve the dispute. Isn't it cool and make you shop with comfort on


Know More

1. Buyer purchased product on Chocolate Mantra
2. Money kept with
3. Once PayUPaisa receives delivery confirmation
4. Money will be transferred to Chocolate Mantra store account after 3 business day.
5. If you don't receives the product, complain to PayUPaisa and keep your money in safe.
Know more about PayUPaisa buyer protection here


Chocolate Mantra assurance

We give double protection to your purchases. We assure you that what ever is purchased will be delivered safely to your destination. If not please help us solve your problem. Email or call us any time between 9am to 9pm. Contact info is in our contact us page. If your problem is not solved use your buyer protection weapon that is