Customer Success Stories

Chocolate mantra customer from Hyderabad

Roop Kumar


It was little Ananya’s birthday and her parents were looking for something special on her special day. This sweet, little girl wanted to have some chocolates on her birthday. So her parents contact us to make some special chocolates for her. It was a ton of print chocolates and chocolate pizzas. It was a surprise gift for her that she received it on her birthday. They ordered special customized chocolate bar and chocolate pizzas for the little angel and her friends. They were really happy with the birthday chocolate wrap that comes with an Archis birthday greeting card, some free chocolates and more. She enjoyed a special gift and became delightful as she received the gift. She cut the customized chocolate pizza instead of chocolate cake on her birthday. It was the most unique idea of her parents to make something special on their princess’s birthday.

Her parents also ordered some special chocolate gifts for her and that made her happy so her friends as they got special customized chocolate from the chocolate mantra.

It was Ananya’s fifth birthday but her parents again ordered something unique on her brother’s baby shower. They arranged some exciting chocolates for the occasion. This was a thrilling moment as they were celebrating a beautiful program, to welcome a new child into this world. Their party flavor was chocolate and what should be better than having customized chocolates from We make colorful, delicious and good quality chocolates. We made some tasty chocolate laddus for the occasion that they offered to the God also. Some special chocolate with the wording like ‘it’s a boy’ made it more meaningful for them to announce their happiness. We offer such kinds of chocolates in different shapes and taste, so one can choose whatever flavor, shape or note they want. If you some special guest who is diabetic patient, you can order some sugar free chocolates also from us so some pure ghee sweets for your special occasion. For every occasion, for every ages people and for people with different preferences, we customize and make some best chocolate delicacies even the apple or butterscotch roll, flavorful and immensely tasty.

It seems that the gift baskets have become the sweetest that anyone can enjoy these days. When everyone seems to be so unmindful a busy of these days, these chocolates can bring some warmth to those hearts for sure. Not just the kids, but the girls and many men enjoy the delicious, tasty and customized chocolates.

People love and like their chocolates to death almost. This is no more a surprise that chocolates are the ultimate sweet dish to satisfy our sweet tooth, not to mention that our chocolates are perfect to give you the fuzzy, warm and mellow feeling that can arouse us or relax us. Chocolates also have some health benefits. As the nature of human being, people love to experiment with their taste buds so we have come up with the idea of paring our premium quality chocolates with different fruits, flavors and so on like coating different types of fruits in rich chocolates or milk sweets.

Chocolate mantra customer from Pune

Ram Mohan


Ram Mohan, one of our client also send him his feedback story that how he melted the hearts of her angry girlfriend with our delicious print on chocolates. She was very angry with Ram Mohan and was not ready to reconcile with Ram Mohan. He tried everything but failed, finally, he ordered some Diwali special print on chocolates for his love with the note that how his Diwali is dark without her. It worked magically and the girl came back to Ram Mohan and they got married after a few months. They celebrate their marriage with a specially customized chocolate pizza also and some delicious chocolate gift packs that they ordered to gift their guests.

This is not a story but the truth that what a customized, good quality and reasonable chocolate can do. So, we make only some special chocolate treats for those, who cannot imagine a good start in life without chocolates or sweets.