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send chocolates to gf or girl friend Why our chocolates are expensive?

Pure and high quality chocolate online in India

Why our chocolates are expensive? Many times, we have been asked this question. We would like to pen down our feedback on this typical question.

What is Chocolate?
Chocolate is one of the healthiest food on this planet, chocolate is made from Cocoa beans, Cocoa beans come from Cacao trees (Cocoa trees). These cacao plants grow in particular weather conditions only. Very few countries in the world are harvesting these Cacao farming. Fortunately, India is also producing quality Cacao harvesting for the last 50 years. Mostly South Indian soil and weather suitable for farming.

Cacao Farming
Cacao farming is a long process, it requires a lot of patience and passion to do this farming. One of the main reasons why Cacao beans are expensive is the limited number of countries who are farming these cacao beans, and the process is very long and needs a lot of experienced manpower is needed to produce quality cacao beans.

Chocolate Making
How Cacao farming is different and difficult, in the same way, making good and pure chocolate is also different, difficult and needs a lot of experience of skilled manpower. Big companies use fully automated machines and produce in a huge quantity, for such companies bringing down the cost of manufacturing is possible, but maintaining high quality is not always possible because of the different and complicated procedures involved in chocolate making. 

How we make our chocolate?
We source our cacao beans from our long time trusted organic farmers. Organic farming is even more expensive, so as the cacao beans. We have taken a stand for using only Organic cacao beans to bring the real and pure chocolate experience to our Indian customers. This is one of the reasons why our chocolate is expensive. We make in small batches using medium automated machines, this is another reason for increasing the production cost. Big companies buy cacao beans in huge quantities, sometimes thousands of tons, and they get much better prices compared to small companies like us. This brings the difference in the price. 

Real chocolate Vs Compound Chocolate
What is real chocolate? Real chocolate has cacao beans and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter has very good health benefits. In the International market, pure Cocoa butter cost is more than Rs.1000/KG. This Cocoa butter is used in skin care products and in many other cosmetic and food products. Many companies in the world extract cocoa butter, which is the real and the main ingredient in cacao beans and sell the cocoa powder. Many companies in the world and in India, add vegetable and edible oil and make a similar kind of chocolate experience. But many companies don't use quality methods to make this chocolate. Since the real and ingredient is no more in the chocolate and is replaced with cheap vegetable and edible oils, the chocolate cost comes down to less than 70% than the real chocolate. Many advanced countries banned the usage of this Compound chocolate. 

Making chocolate out of the Compound is very easy and less time taking, but making chocolate from Real chocolate, which has cocoa butter is time taking process and requires quality and experienced manpower. 

Compound chocolate has full of bad cholesterol, it is bad for your health. Real chocolate, which is also called couverture chocolate has cocoa butter, it is good cholesterol, and has many health benefits. 

Consumer Awareness
If you are purchasing any chocolate, spend a few minutes reading the Ingredients used in the chocolate. If you don't find cocoa butter in the chocolate, we advise you to stay away from the chocolate. Keep your children away from that chocolate addiction. 

Chocolate Mantra Promise
Our promise and commitment are, we will use real, organic, single-origin chocolate. Though making real chocolate is expensive and difficult, we will ensure to give a world-class quality chocolate experience to our customers. 


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